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Data Management and AnalyticsEstablishing a Data-Driven Environment for Successful Outcomes

Wednesday, December 8, 2021 | 2:00 PM ET

Join NASCA for an insightful discussion around best practices in data management and analytics leading to successful implementation of strategic goals and positive outcomes in a citizen-centric approach.

This month's featured speakers will emphasize innovative trends in data collection, security and analytical strategies to bolster effective decision-making.  

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News and Press Releases

Maryland's Jack Howard Receives NASCA's Government Champion Award

Oregon's Debbie Dennis and Shannon Ryan Receive NASCA's National Distinguished Deputy Award

NASCA Recognizes 2021 Innovation Award Recipients

NASCA Announces Christi Branscom to Become First Female President of the Executive Committee

NASCA Announces Brennan as At-Large Director of Executive Committee

NASCA Announces Otaguro as Executive Committee Member

NASCA Announces Burns-Wallace as Executive Committee Member

NASCA Awards Prestigious National Walton Leadership Recipient

NASCA Awards the Excellence Through Collaboration Recipient

NASCA Releases New Research on Transforming a State's Real Estate Portfolio

NASCA Announces Arkansas Amy Fecher As an At-Large Director

Colorado's Kara Veitch Named At-Large Director of NASCA

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In Case You Missed It

  • 75% of attendees who participated in the poll indicated that their state or company is engaged in deliberate operational excellence strategies or processes to reduce cost and be more efficient.
  • We heard from three great panelists, each of whom discussed key strategies in implementing cost reduction and reforms in operations to increase monetary efficiency.
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