NASCA Releases 2022/23 Top Ten Core Strategies and Emerging Issues in State Government Operations

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

LEXINGTON, Ky – Based on the 2022/23 Top Ten Core Strategies for State Chief Administrators and Emerging Issues for State Government Operations - an annual analysis of the policy and strategy priorities in state government operations - the investigation exposed a high-priority on employee engagement, the customer experience, optimizing real estate and operational excellence.  These, combined with other vital strategies, are critical to a reconceived world-class internal operation.

This programmatic year’s core strategies include:

  • Digitization of Government Operations
  • Transformative Workforce Development
  • Real Estate, Facilities, and Space Optimization
  • Employee Engagement & Workplace Culture
  • Becoming an Employer of Choice
  • Citizen Centric Government Processes
  • Embedding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion into Government Operations
  • Procurement Modernization
  • Enterprise-Wide Data Management and Analytics
  • Operational Excellence & Process Improvement

 "State Chief Administrators are the operational leaders of state government and are at the forefront of shaping how governments serve their people. As members of NASCA, we have the opportunity to collaborate and share ideas, which is imperative to each state’s success," said NASCA Executive Committee President Christi Branscom from the State of Tennessee. "Since member states are on the front lines and work in these areas daily, they have played an instrumental role in helping us establish NASCA's Top Ten Core Strategies and Emerging Issues for 2022-23. As we look forward, we recognize that facilitating the public interest and ensuring the delivery of quality goods and services to our constituents is central to these core strategies. Additionally, our early awareness and collaborative efforts allow us to plan ahead and appropriately address emerging public policy issues within each member state. Collaboration is key."

The association’s top ten core strategies are vetted by NASCA’s Research Committee and approved by NASCA’s Executive Committee.

New this year is a set of emerging issues that are looming on the horizon for state Chief Administrators and their teams. Agile government operations are key for CAOs to appropriately provide goods and services to their constituents as our society advances.  These emerging issues are supplemental to the Top Ten Core Strategies and will continue to evolve over time.

The issues that will be examined by NASCA during their ongoing professional development and research activities include:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Inflation and Supply Chain Disruption
  • Sustainability of Federal Funding
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Electric Vehicle Infrastructure
  • Green Energy Opportunities
  • Risk Management
  • Building Electrification

“NASCA acts as the voice of state Chief Administrators and the vital role they play in providing excellent customer service,” said NASCA Executive Director Pam Goins. “Each year, NASCA gauges the highest priority core strategies and those issues that are surfacing that will be instrumental in transforming government operations toward data-driven, agile operations. At NASCA, we look forward to focusing our efforts to serve our members as they transform state government operations.”

For more information: NASCA’s Top Ten Core Strategies for State Chief Administrators and Emerging Issues in State Government Operations