NASCA Releases New Report: Risk Management is More Important Than Ever Before

Tuesday, November 12, 2019
Risk management is more important than ever before,
According to new study by NASCA and McKinsey & Company

LEXINGTON, Ky, — Risk management is more important than ever before, as fast-moving technologies and external forces create new and more powerful threats for state governments according to new research by the National Association of State Chief Administrators (NASCA), an association dedicated to the governor’s top operational leaders, and McKinsey & Company.

“Most states have not defined the full taxonomy of potential risks or adequately prioritized those areas where state governments have the highest exposure and face the greatest potential impact,” said Joseph “Jay” Truesdale, Associate Partner at McKinsey & Company." No single state or city across the country has done risk management uniformly well. This report encourages state leaders to adopt best practices and lessons-learned from both public and private sectors.”

Based on a limited set of questions by design, this paper provides an overview of how state governments approach risk management. Some findings include:

  • Only half of the states surveyed have a regularly evaluated enterprise risk management strategy.
  • Many governments lack necessary awareness and centralized oversight of all risks faced by the state.
  • States may have different risk appetites, leading to varying levels of financial, environmental, or other regulations.
  • Among the states, there is wide variation in risk management processes, including how states delegate risk ownership and manage risk evaluation.

CAOs are responsible for critical risk management topics including cybersecurity, financial security, and facility security.

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About the Reports

To provide a robust set of data and insights states can use to compare state practices and inform forward looking strategic decisions, the National Association of State Chief Administrators (NASCA) and McKinsey & Company partnered for a second year to produce the Business of Running State Government Operations survey on key issues affecting CAOs today. The survey results are published in three separate papers that focus on real estate, digital government, and risk.


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