Tennessee's Alternative Workplace Solutions Initiative

Tennessee's Alternative Workplace Solutions Initiative PublicationAs the home of more than 2,100 state employees and a fixture on Nashville’s skyline, the William R. Snodgrass Tennessee Tower Complex (“Tennessee Tower”) is one of the State of Tennessee’s flagship facilities. Yet in 2011, when Governor Bill Haslam came into office, the 43-year-old building was a relic. Robert Oglesby, the Commissioner of the Department of General Services (DGS) reflected, “[It had] 70s color schemes, and people just showed up and went to work in their high-walled cubicles or offices and didn’t interact, didn’t collaborate, [and] weren’t focused on anything other than just putting in their ti me and just doing what they were tasked to do.”

Six years later, the Tennessee Tower has undergone a metamorphosis. In lieu of drab colors, the facility has sleek, modern designs. The state has replaced high-walled cubicles with open, sun-drenched co-working spaces, replete with standing desks, whiteboards, and airy conference rooms. Most importantly, the revamped space has awakened a previously stagnant culture. “What we have now is the antithesis of the [old] work environment,” Oglesby observed. “Now, people work together to solve problems and create better solutions for the citizens.” Read the whole case study here

Read the whole case study here