2020-2021 NASCA Call For Signature Research Partner

NASCA, together with our corporate partner, will collaborate on national research to identify and prioritize key issues, determine trends, and understand the perspectives of these state leaders. NASCA conducts research with the following goals: 

  • curate and disseminate best practices, success stories, and case studies in state government operations. The final product will provide government leaders with a robust set of data they can use to compare state practices and inform leading practices. NASCA is looking for practical findings and clear recommendations, not theory and concepts that cannot be applied to state government.
  • recognize and elevate the role CAOs have in driving state government operational excellence
  • assist CAOs in advocating for the strategies and resources necessary to modernize state government operations with public stakeholders and private sector partners

The selected research partner (s) will collaborate with the NASCA Research and Policy Committee to select a research direction, develop questions, and peer communications which comprises state CAOs and corporate partner volunteers.

The Project: 

The extent of any deliverables are to be co-branding by the parties, such co-branded deliverables will be accepted by the parties prior to any distribution, circulation or publication thereof. The project may contain a survey and written report, but applicants are encouraged to be creative in crafting the best value to the NASCA membership. Alternative final product formats (ex: video series, podcast, blogs, pilot project, case study, etc.).

Evaluation Criteria:

Chief Administrators want answers to the “why does this apply to my state?” and “what do I do next?” or “how can I use this report to advocate to my Governor or Legislature?” Thus, proposals are reviewed in terms of the following criteria:

  • Partner is a NASCA Corporate Partner in good standing and plan to be a sponsor NASCA Institute and NASCA Spring Conference in order to host focus groups and presentation.
  • Will the proposed report be of high value and timely to chief administrators (Is the proposed topic it be related to NASCA’s Top Ten)?
  • Will the report provide practical insight and understanding of the topic?
  • Does the applicant demonstrate the potential to produce a final report that will be clear, understandable and highly communicable to government leaders and their stakeholders?
  • Does the applicant demonstrate outstanding command and knowledge of the topic?
  • Does the applicant have a dissemination or public relations plan for the final product?


There is no cost to participate in this opportunity. The NASCA Executive Committee has felt an in-kind trade for services has worked really well over the past two years. In the full document, you can read what services both partners may provide as part of the collaboration.


Proposals must be submitted via an online form by October 1, 2020 at 5:00 PM ET
A representative will have to sign in or create a NASCA profile to submit an application. Please allow time to reset your password or create a NASCA profile. 

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Download Research Agenda and Priorities
Download Call for Research Partners Full Detail
Submit Project Proposal

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