Call for Submission of Institute Case Study Ideas 

The Institute Planning Committee is working to identify two "live case studies" related to the Institute theme, the Pathways to Maximizing Public Value. The case studies will drawn from real-world experiences that outline complex and relevant situations that any member of NASCA may encounter. 

The case studies play an integral role in the Institute, acting as a catalyst for discussion and providing a reference point that enables participants to apply the lessons from the Institute to their own experience. Leadership for a Networked World and NASCA are encouraging members to apply to having their work featured as a case study. Case study submissions can feature a state or private sector partner. 

Please note submissions do not need to be extremely detailed - a couple of sentences are all that is needed to nominate. The team from Leadership from a Networked World with Harvard will then follow up with your state for a 30-minute phone call for more information. If you have any questions, please contact NASCA Headquarters

Deadline: All case study submissions must be submitted via an online form by April 17, 2020.

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Institute Theme Overview
Case Study Criteria
Case Study Submission Form


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