NASCA’s Roundtable on Facilities Management was held on May 3-4 in Nashville, Tennessee.  The event provided networking and in-person learning to state members interested in managed service contracts for facilities management. Learning Objectives:

  • Provide an in-depth review of Tennessee’s outsourced Facilities Management Program
  • Network and learn directly from the individuals involved with the Facilities Management program
  • Examine how Tennessee works with the Facilities Management vendor on a daily basis to manage the facilities
  • Demonstrate the A Managed Service Contract for Facilities Management in Tennessee case study for other states to reference as a best practice in Facilities Management
  • Assist state governments in research and examination on outsourcing real estate programs
  • Undergo extensive dialogue and discussion on the benefits and challenges of undertaking a large scale effort to outsource the Facilities Management program 
Supplemental Materials
The sample documents and supplement materials below are provided by the State of Tennessee Department of General Services to augment learning.

Download PowerPoint Presentations here. 

State of the Industry Panel Presentation 

Watch LiveStream Sessions here.

Eight Ways to Boost State and Local Government - Contributed by JLL

Please contact Sarah Razor at 859-514-9156 with any questions. 
Human Resources
Roundtable Recap

Cross-sector partnerships can help the public sector unlock access to private sector innova-tion and funding. A collaborative approach between the public and private sectors means that contracting arrangements may be less constrained by pre-existing public sector knowledge and practice, and more open to facilitating novel and cost-effective approaches to public service delivery or facility management.

This resource was created in partnership with Fels Institute of Government, University of Pennsylvania to recap the key points from the NASCA Facilites Management Roundtable.

Cross-Sector Partnerships - A New Era of Public-Private Interdependence

Facilities Management Webinar

Webinar: A Managed Service Contract for Facilities Management in Tennessee

The State of Tennessee has taken on an initiative to improve the management of the state’s real estate portfolio, one of its largest expenses. Learn how officials from the Department of General Services (DGS) worked with Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) to prepare a master plan of the agency’s facilities and improve the organization and management of those facilities. With this revamped approach to facilities management, DGS will save more than $40 million over the 5-year contract.  

Attendees will:
  • Hear how and why Tennessee outsourced its Facilities Management Program 
  • Review the 2016 NASCA Institute case study, A Managed Service Contract for Facilities Management in Tennessee
  • Learn how Tennessee provided a high-performing program delivering sustainable, transformational results in the least amount of time and cost
  • Examine Tennessee’s processes, results and lessons learned

  • John Hull, Deputy Commissioner, Real Estate Asset Management Division (STREAM), State of Tennessee
  • Tom Foster, Alliance Director for the State of Tennessee, JLL

  • Bob Oglesby, Commissioner of General Services, State of Tennessee and NASCA Executive Committee member
  • Herman E. Bulls, Vice Chairman, Americas, International Director, JLL

This case study was initially presented at the 2016 NASCA Institute on Management and Leadership. Registration is open to all NASCA state members, and state employees or others recommended to attend as a guest of the Chief Administrator. In addition, all NASCA corporate members all welcome to participate. 

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