Does Business Know Best - Governing Magazine

Does Business Know Best - Governing Magazine

You can't run public agencies like private companies, but you can borrow ideas from them,

  • 12 July 2017

As Governing Magazine tries to answer the question to what extent government can learn from business, they highlight Washington Department of Enterprise Services Chris Liu regarding his tenure in the private sector with Walmart.

As part of his 30-year career in the private sector, Chris Liu had the opportunity to learn some important lessons from Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart. “He taught me that executives had to be accessible; you had to be a visible manager all the time to be successful,” says Liu. Walton and his team were famous for visiting and working in a lot of stores. Customers would often discover Walton himself, Liu says, “just walking down the aisle.”

Today, Liu is director of the Washington Department of Enterprise Services. Liu has brought with him the lessons he learned from Walton, including visiting stores, making sure that the CEO has a very visible presence and learning the issues that concern everyday front-line employees.

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