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Alan Dow, M.D., M.S.H.A.

“Leadership Fatigue: From Surviving to Thriving”
Tuesday, May 9 - 9:00 am

Alan Dow is a professor, physician, researcher, and leader who works at the cross-section of health, teamwork, and social science. He is an internal medicine physician who leads organizational units focused on collaboration, continuing education, and inpatient medical care. Alan embraces empathy and critical thinking as he works to design, implement, and measure the impact of innovative solutions on complex solutions.

Alan advises organizations on how to reframe health and wellness as an integral part of the workplace, challenge conventional wisdom around wellbeing, and create great workplaces for individuals and teams. He works with audiences to explore emotional intelligence, active listening, and trust to create environments where everyone thrives. Whether leading an individual or a team, Alan seeks to get the best from people to build the strongest teams that can outflank the most difficult challenges.

Adam Mendler

“Superpower to Success: Leading People, Teams, and Yourself in Today's Landscape” Tuesday, May 9 - 2:15 pm

Adam Mendler is an entrepreneur, writer, speaker, educator, and nationally recognized authority on leadership. He is the creator and host of the business and leadership podcast Thirty Minute Mentors, where he regularly elicits insights from America's top CEOs, founders, athletes, celebrities, and political and military leaders. He has interviewed more than 500 of America’s most successful leaders and has written extensively on business and leadership, having authored more than 70 articles published in major media outlets including Forbes, Inc., and HuffPost. Adam co-founded The Veloz Group, where he helped build three different businesses in three different industries.

Adam draws upon his insights building and leading businesses and interviewing hundreds of America's top leaders as a keynote speaker to businesses, universities, and non-profit organizations and is an advisor to numerous companies and leaders.

Ace Callwood

"The Intersection of Cybersecurity Needs and Talent Acquisition”
Wednesday, May 10 - 8:30 am

Ace Callwood is a guide, mediator, and speaker.

Ace spent the early part of his career building tech companies such as Painless1099, a tax and finance platform for freelancers, and Coffitivity, one of TIME Magazine’s Top50 Sites of 2013. He’s been the Entrepreneur in Residence at his alma mater's School of Business, a facilitator, and DEI practitioner for nearly a decade, and has held several board positions across non-profit, government, and academic entities. All of his work past and present has centered on making big ideas actionable, streamlining the way we work, and helping groups interact with each other more effectively.

Whether speaking in person or in a digital format, he’s able to ensure audiences remain respectful while embracing hard-to-navigate discussions. He bridges intellectual openness with humility while deploying the most sophisticated techniques to help his audiences find innovative solutions. Ace teaches skills such as aligning motives for access and connection, integrating DEI into core business functions, generating ideas for optimal solutions, and building deep partnerships.


Jamie Jones Miller

The Intersection of Cybersecurity Needs and Talent Acquisition”
Wednesday, May 10 - 8:30 am

“Conflict Resolution Amongst Powerful Parties”
Wednesday, May 10 - 9:30 am

Jamie Jones Miller is the Dean and CEO of the Arlington Campus of Northeastern University, where she is leading the development of a world class center for education and collaborative research between academic, private-sector, and government in both classified and unclassified environments.

 Additionally, Jamie is the lead facilitator of the Vanguard Senior Executive Program of the Department of Defense, which brings together Senior Executive Service leaders from across the federal government to develop skills and relationships focused on intra- and inter-agency effectiveness. She is also on the faculty of National Defense University’s PINNACLE three-star flag and general officer program designed to prepare the military's most senior officers to lead at the four-star level.

Under Secretary of Defense James Mattis, Jamie served as Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Legislative Affairs, advising the Secretary and Deputy Secretary of Defense on legislative strategy and executing the congressional engagement strategy. She managed relationships across congress, the military departments as well as the White House, National Security Council and key federal departments and agencies in support of DOD priorities.

Scott Wayne

“Communicating Across Boundaries to Build Trust and Partnerships”
Monday, May 8 - 2:00 pm
“Conflict Resolution Amongst Powerful Parties”
Wednesday, May 10 - 9:30 am

Scott Wayne is a negotiator, adviser, and strategist. He began to develop his craft through undergraduate and graduate studies in International Relations at the London School of Economics and Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service. Scott’s career then took him through the realms of finance, award-winning consulting firms, and representing the interests of the British Government as a diplomat. At the center of it all is Scott’s obsession with investigating the “why” of decisions and shaping them for better outcomes. When the world is faced with uncertainty, Scott can help individuals understand critical  stakeholders and bring them together to reach an agreement. He’s dedicated to investigating opportunities, building partnerships, and negotiating outcomes that provide stability and fuel growth. Scott regularly speaks at conferences and corporate leadership events on negotiation techniques for disrupting markets, driving innovation, and transforming society. His engagements teach conflict navigation, stakeholder research, building strategic alliances, empathetic communication, among others.