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July 2022 - June 2023

Strategic Priorities for State Government Operations
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About the Top Ten

NASCA conducts an analysis of state Chief Administrators to identify and prioritize the policy and administrative areas of responsibility facing state government operations. The top ten core strategies are identified and used as input for all NASCA programs, planning for professional development activities, annual research, and in publications.

Digitization of Government Operations

Access to virtual government services that are transparent, and citizen focused through dashboards, budget proceedings, procurement, and hiring processes for all government departments; and internal digital tools that simplify processes, expedite service delivery, and reduce errors, including automated customer service.


Transformative Workforce Development

Improvements in workforce and workplace including fully remote, hybrid, and in-person staffing appropriate to agency needs and in alignment with the business strategy. 


Real Estate, Facilities and Space Optimization

Consolidating workspaces, sale of previously owned office space, and creation of carefully configured, flexible environments to optimize use of real estate.


Employee Engagement and Workplace Culture

Development of a workplace culture that fosters collaboration, encourages employee feedback, and ensures recognition and celebration all play a large role in ensuring employee engagement and satisfaction.  


Becoming an Employer of Choice

Cultivating employment opportunities with robust upward mobility opportunities and deliberate brand identity, along with enticing incentive and benefits packages, assists in recruitment and retainment of talented professionals.


Citizen Centric Government Processes

Ease of access to apply for government services, person-to-person interaction, and opportunities to provide feedback to representatives demonstrate government processes that are citizen focused.

Embedding Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
into Government Operations

Targeting specific DEI outcomes for state government operations to ensure inclusive processes, flexibility and responsiveness, systemic equity, and quality practices that remove barriers to full participation, access and opportunity.


Procurement Modernization

Achieving cost and efficiency savings around procured goods and services, timeliness and ensuring quality without compromising on quality while modernizing and simplifying state procurement processes.

Enterprise-Wide Data Management and Analytics

Use of tools focused on accuracy and completeness, infrastructure and governance, metrics and predictive analytics, ownership, platform integration, and data sharing to provide for increased agility and effectiveness.


Operational Excellence & Process Improvement

Implementation of best practice while cultivating innovative ideas that produce tangible benefits including strategy alignment, novel policy and program evaluation through continuous improvement. 

About the Emerging Issues

New challenges arise in state governments and these emerging issues are topics that are looming on the horizon for state Chief Administrators and their teams. Agile government operations are key for CAOs to appropriately provide goods and services to their constituents as our society advances.  These emerging issues are supplemental to the Top Ten Core Strategies and will continue to evolve over time:

Inflation and Supply Chain Disruption

Sustainability of Federal Funding

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Emergency Preparedness

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Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

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Green Energy Opportunities

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Risk Management

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Signature Research Webinar:

Bridging Talent Gaps in State Government

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Building Electrification

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Date: April 19, 2023
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The association’s Top Ten Core Strategies and Emerging Issues are vetted by NASCA’s Research Committee and approved by NASCA’s Executive Committee.

The members of NASCA reflect the Governor-appointed, Cabinet-level officials responsible for the operations of state government, often including agencies such as facilities, purchasing, finance, information technology, budget and human resources.